A Tribute to Her Father

    For the record, it was really Emily’s dad who brought us together. For that, I owe him a great deal. He was ill and Emily was concerned for her mom–she did not want her to have to worry about the details of putting together a wedding while caring for her dad.   It was really something to be in the background observing this family’s interactions with each other during the time they were celebrating the marriage of such a dynamic couple, and yet knowing that the bride’s father was not well.  He has since passed, and it is pretty safe to say that I am changed having watched this family handle their circumstances with such humor, grace and dignity.  Thank you, Emily and Adam–for letting me work with you, and for leaving me a better person for it.

    We asked Emily to write our first guest post here in this space on our new website.  We had to. Read on and you will completely understand why.

    “My dad was as eccentric as they come. He never gave me an allowance but he built me many things, including a marble vanity for my 16th birthday. He told me that no amount of make-up could compensate for an unhealthy lifestyle or a lack of inner beauty. He taught me how to paint and how to do home repairs. He frowned down on my closet full of shoes, explaining that all you really need are two pairs–one brown and one black (and maybe some sandals and sneakers).

    He had an aura of peacefulness about him. Not only was it impossible to fight with him, it was difficult to fight near him. If he heard gossip, he would quickly dismiss it and he always gave others the benefit of a doubt. He was a dreamer and an adventurer. He hitchhiked his way to America on a whim with nothing more than a couple hundred dollars. He was a self taught computer nerd, an accomplished carpenter and a YouTuber (with over 120,000 views to date). He had an appetite for life. He told me that his greatest love was math (science being a close second – sorry mom!) He made friends in hallways, elevators and checkout lines. He thought deeply about every part of life and cherished each and every interaction.

    We had this running joke during funeral preparations that my dad must have had a double life, because he was too kind, too principled, too lovely, too patient, and too dedicated to be genuine. I always jokingly described him as other worldly but that’s what he was. He was the closest thing I’ve encountered to heaven on earth.”

    We hope that as we celebrate this Father’s Day you take time to remember and be grateful for the blessing of the father figures in your own lives.


    Simple Means Events Team