Partial Wedding Planner in Gilbert, AZ


    Brides choose a partial wedding planner to bring the details of their big day to life, without breaking the bank.

    As a Partial Wedding Planner, our main objective is to create a wedding that is exactly what you imagined. In addition, by not offering some full-wedding planning services, we allow brides with any budget to benefit from our services.

    Leading up to the wedding, we help our brides select a perfect venue, source and coordinate vendors, as well as design the look and layout of the ceremony and reception. On the day-of, we style the venue and handle the set up and takedown of the event.

    Arizona Partial Wedding Planner in Action

    Partial Planning Services

    Think of our Partial Planning service as applying the 80/20 Rule to wedding planning. We handle the 20% of tasks that make up 80% of the "WOW" factor. The other 80% of logistics and budgeting can be done by your mom, for free. 😊

    Venue Selection

    Vendor Sourcing and Coordination

    In House Florals

    Wedding Design - All the backend work using mood boards and CAD designs

    Wedding Styling - Making your ceremony and reception look like a million bucks

    Day-of Coordination

    Set Up & Takedown


    Why Choose Us

    Killer Team

    Save Money

    Free Rentals

    Venue CAD

    We've been in the wedding game in Arizona for a long time. Subsequently, we've met nearly every wedding vendor in the Valley. And wouldn't you know it, we've put together a near complete list of the best vendors out there. So, by choosing us as your wedding planner or designer, you get access to the best wedding rentals, caterers, photographers, custom calligraphy artists, and more!

    In addition to having access to our Preferred Vendors list, you also get access to each of those vendors' exclusive Simple Means discount. Since we handle the coordination with those vendors, they charge less money. We pass those savings right on through to you, helping your total wedding budget to go a lot further!

    Our planning and design clients receive $400 in credit to use towards our extensive wedding rental selection. Some of the items in our inventory include lounge area furniture, tablecloths, table runners, candlesticks and pillar candles, ring ceremony altars, vintage goblets, linen napkins for dinner, cylinders and pillar candles for entrance, and floor easels. Huge plus!

    You guys, this is seriously the best. We design the entire layout for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. We leave no stone unturned during this process so that our execution is flawless on the day of your wedding. Biggest headache saver ever!

    Looking for help more with the designing and styling rather than the planning?

    Think we might be the right Partial Wedding Planner for you? Here’s what to do next.

    1. Reach out to us through our contact form below.

    Send us a message introducing yourself and letting us know you might be interested in using our services for your wedding. Please don’t feel any pressure here. We aren’t pushy. We only want to get to know you and your vision so we can determine if we’ll be a good fit for each other.

    2. Receive our response and complete our "Get to Know You" form.

    We’ll respond to your message within one business day to (1) set up an in-person or over-the-phone consult and (2) send you our “Get to Know You” form.  You’ll want to complete and send that form back to us before your consult.

    No two clients, or weddings, are the same. So during your consult we’ll discuss your hopes and dreams to determine if and how we can best serve you.

    3. Receive a detailed estimate and, if it's right, get to work!

    Then, if we determine that we’re a match for each other, we will send you a detailed estimate listing all the services we will provide for you and the total cost. If it looks good to you, you will place a deposit, complete our Wedding Client Agreement, and get ready for the adventure to begin!